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PTFE Lined Flange Butterfly Valve

Size Range:DN50-DN1200

Pressure: PN10/16/150LB

Body Material:WCB+PTFE

Seat Material:PTFE

Disc Material:WCB+PTFE

Stem Material:2Cr13

Features: The valve body is solid.High precision and quality. The suitable medium includes water, weak acid and alkali, air, steam, oil, etc. It can be used in food, medicine, chemicals, environmental protection, water treatment, water supply and drainage, etc

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Product Technical Catalogue
Product advantages

1. Precision casting valve body. Standard WCB material, fine appearance, no trachoma. Each batch of castings have furnace number.

2. Teflon seat is molded by integral die-casting to ensure the density and sealing after machining.

3. Double seal rings are used to seal up and down the valve shaft to avoid leakage at the valve shaft.

4. Valve body is covered with powder foam epoxy resin by electrostatic coating with a spray thickness of 250 centimetres, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust caused by contact between the valve body and the medium, and can be used in the sewage system.

5. All teflon raw materials adopt domestic first-line brands.

6. From the raw material to the finished product, every process has strict inpection.

7. Pango brand product quality is covered by China Pacific Insurance with two million dollars. Two years warranty, pay two back if one bad within two years. Any quality problems of the product itself, we will pay without conditions.



Parameter Information:

1. Executive standard:

NameDesign and manufactureFace To FacePressure testing standardTop FlangeFlange
Reference StandardGB/T 12238-2008GB/T 12221-2008GB/T 13927-2008ISO 5211GB/T 9113-2010/ EN1092-1/ASME B16.5

2. Material of Main Parts:

Name1-Body2-Seat3-Disc4-Stem5-Worm Gear
Materials and instructionsWCB+PTFEPTFEWCB+PTFE2Cr13Component

3. Dimensions:

SizeFace To FacePN10PN16Class150
50 2''1081254-Φ181254-Φ18120.74-Φ19
65 2  1/2''1121454-Φ181454-Φ18139.74-Φ19
80 3''1141608-Φ181608-Φ18152.44-Φ19
100 4''1271808-Φ181808-Φ18190.58-Φ19
125 5''1402108-Φ182108-Φ18215.98-Φ22.4
150 6''1402408-Φ222408-Φ22241.38-Φ22.4
200 8''1522958-Φ2229512-Φ22298.48-Φ22.4
250 10''16535012-Φ2235512-Φ26361.912-Φ25.4
300 12''17840012-Φ2241012-Φ26431.812-Φ22.4
350 14''19046016-Φ2247016-Φ26476.212-Φ28.4
400 16''21651516-Φ2652516-Φ30539.716-Φ28.4
450 18''22256520-Φ2658520-Φ30577.816-Φ31.8
500 20''22962020-Φ2665020-Φ3363520-Φ31.8
600 24''26772520-Φ3077020-Φ36749.320-Φ35.1