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Aluminum Alloy Butterfly Valve exported to Maldives
2024-03-12 09:30:49 Share:

Project name: A customer in Maldives purchased Pango Aluminum Alloy Butterfly Valves and other valves

Customer Name: A customer from  Maldives

Buy Valve: Pango Aluminum Alloy Butterfly Valves and other valves


Customer requirements: hotel air conditioning systems


Engineering Content:

The customer in this case is from the beautiful Maldives, a local resort hotel, which procured valve products from Pango for its own hotel air conditioning system.

This Maldivian customer found Pango valve through the Internet, after showing their needs to Pango,

Pango International Trade Department staff actively selected valve products for customers,

 and for customers to do the hotel air conditioning system matching valve solutions.

Pango International Trade Department personnel professional valve knowledge and warm and sincere service attitude, 

has been highly recognized by Maldives customers, immediately decided to purchase the required valve from Pango.

The final customer purchased butterfly check valve, aluminum alloy butterfly valve, worm wheel flange butterfly valve and other valve products from Pango. 

And said that the follow-up will also be in Pango procurement.

In December 2019, the customer first purchased the required valves from Pango for the hotel air conditioning system, 

and in April 2020, he again purchased Worm Gear Double Flanged Butterfly Valve products from Pango Valve.