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Pango Valve Electric Butterfly Valve exported to South America
2024-03-06 13:42:42 Share:

Project name: A customer in South America purchased Pango  Electric Butterfly Valve

Customer Name: A customer from South America

Buy Valve: Pango  Electric Butterfly Valve


Customer requirements: local chemical plant

Engineering Content:

The South American customer has worked with Pango Valve three times. The customer has his own chemical plant in the local, due to the special reasons of the medium, the customer pays special attention to the quality of the product when purchasing the valve, and puts the quality in the first place

After cooperation with Pango Valve, the customer has a deep understanding of Pango Valve's products, and very recognized the quality of Pango Valve's products, so there are several subsequent cooperation. This time, the customer needs a batch of electric butterfly valve products again, and still chooses Pango Valve. The customer said that the butterfly valve of Pango Valve looks beautiful, the product is durable, every delivery is very timely, and it is a worthy long-term cooperation partner.