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Pango Butterfly Valve, Air Valve and other products exported to Thailand
2024-03-14 08:54:10 Share:

Project name: A customer in Southeast Aisa purchased Pango Butterfly Valve, Air Valve and other products

Customer Name: A customer from Southeast Aisa

Buy Valve: Pango Butterfly Valve, Air Valve and other products


Customer requirements: local engineering projects

image.pngEngineering Content:

The customer is a trading company in Southeast Asia, which mainly provides valves needed for some local engineering projects.

After the customer communicated with the Pango International Trade Department staff on the network, out of careful consideration and in line with the intention of long-term cooperation in the future, he accepted the invitation of Pango to visit the Pango Valve factory in China to better understand the strength of Pango.

The customer line came to Pangovalve factory, Pango staff to its warm hospitality, with them to Pango factory production area, office area, experimental area, etc., to visit, and for customers to introduce Pango history, Pango culture and Pango achievements over the years. The client was very satisfied with the trip to Pango.

Immediately from Pango purchased a batch of thread gate valve back, put into use, the customer gave Pango products high evaluation. This time, the customer also purchased butterfly valves, exhaust valves, flanges, blind plates and other valve products and pipeline accessories fromPango Valve.