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Pango Valve Electric ball Valve exported to South Africa
2024-02-20 13:43:15 Share:

Project name: A customer in South Africa purchased Pango Electric ball Valve

Customer Name: A customer from South Africa

Buy Valve:Pango Electric ball Valve


Customer requirements: biogas digester project


Engineering Content:

The customer is from South Africa and purchased a batch of electric ball valve products from Pango Valve for its biogas digester project.

The customer found Pango Valve through the Internet platform, and after a simple communication with Pango Valve business personnel, they will inform their valve needs of Pango Valve business personnel, after communication, business personnel learned that the customer participated in a biogas digester project under construction, need to purchase a batch of electric flange ball valve products. For the valve products to be purchased, the customer has only one requirement, and the quality must be good.

After many communications, the customer reached the first cooperation with Pango Valve.

Customer feedback:

We are very satisfied with the products of Pango Valve, and plan to continue to cooperate with Pango Valve on future projects and use Pango Valve products.

Pango Valve product quality is very reliable, we would like to become their agent in South Africa, to bring their products to the market.