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Pango Flange Butterfly with Worm Gear Valve exported to Laos
2024-02-19 09:53:39 Share:

Project name: A valve dealer in Asia to purchase Pango Flange Butterfly with Worm Gear Valve

Customer Name: A customer from Laos

Buy Valve: Pango Flange Butterfly with Worm Gear Valve


Customer requirements: construction projects


Engineering Content:

The end customer is a construction company in an Asian country, which purchases valve products from Pango Valve for its engineering. The initial contact with Pango Valve  is a certain country's Yunnan region of customers, the customer with Pango Valve had a very happy cooperation, for Pango Valve product quality is very satisfied, the customer has a friend in Asia to do valve business, is a local valve dealer, often for some local engineering projects supply.

Yunnan customer introduced Pango Valve valve to his friend, just the valve dealer received a project demand valve, set a small batch of products trial, from Pango Valve purchased Worm Gear Flange Butterfly Valve. 

Customer feedback:

TheFlange Butterfly with Worm Gear Valve tested in the early stage has arrived and been put into use. Pango Valve' s products, regardless of appearance, packaging or quality, are better than imagined, the next batch of valves will continue to cooperate with Pango Valve.