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South Asia a Factory Purchase Pango Worm Gear Wafer Butterfly Valve Products
2024-02-05 11:07:03 Share:

Project name: A customer in South Asia purchased Pango Worm Gear Wafer Butterfly Valve Products

Customer Name: A customer from South Asia

Buy Valve: Pango Worm Gear Wafer Butterfly Valve


Customer requirements: To replace the damaged butterfly valve


Engineering Content:

The customer is from a factory in South Asia. Because the butterfly valve used in the production procedure of the factory is damaged, which affects the normal production work, the customer needs to purchase a new butterfly valve to replace the damaged butterfly valve. Through the Internet platform, the customer found Pango valve, and Pango business personnel got in touch, understand that Pango valve is a professional water system valve supplier, after a full understanding of Pango, customers put forward their own needs.

To replace the damaged butterfly valve, the new butterfly valve product must be consistent with the old product in size. The focus of this cooperation is the size of the butterfly valve, and the two sides have confirmed the size for many times. The final customer purchased the worm gear wafer butterfly valve product from Pango, and the two sides successfully reached cooperation. Now the new worm gear wafer butterfly valves have all been replaced and installed, replacing the original damaged butterfly valves to work, and the factory has resumed production. The customer said that the service of Pango business personnel is very warm and professional, and will choose to cooperate with General De in the future if there is a valve demand.