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Pango Valve Pneumatic PTFE Cast Steel Ball Valve exported to Malaysia
2024-01-29 14:07:07 Share:

Project name: A customer in Malaysia purchased Pango Pneumatic PTFE Cast Steel Ball Valve

Customer Name: A customer from Malaysia

Buy Valve: Pango Pneumatic PTFE Cast Steel Ball Valve


Customer requirements: local chemical engineering projects


Engineering Content:

The customer is an engineering company in Southeast Asia, mainly to undertake local chemical engineering projects, the quality requirements of valve products are relatively strict. Customers saw the publicity of Pango valve on the Internet, and then through various channels to understand Pango valve, that Pango service and product quality meet their requirements, so customers find Pango. Initially, the customer did not place an order, but has been with the Pango international trade Department staff to maintain communication, after a period of understanding, the customer decided to first place a small order to see the Pango valve product quality is not as described, after receiving the goods, the customer is very satisfied with the Pango valve product quality, within a month to place two orders. This time, the customer purchased a batch of Pneumatic PTFE Cast Steel Ball Valves from General De Valves. Customer feedback said: "I recognize the Pango brand valve, from the Pango several batches of valves purchased we are very satisfied."