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Pango valve soft seal wafer butterfly valve exported to Mexico
2024-01-22 13:31:28 Share:

Project name: A customer in North America purchased Pango soft seal wafer butterfly valve products for store sales

Customer Name: A customer from  North America

Buy Valve: Pango Soft Seal Wafer Butterfly Valve


Customer requirements: Store retail


Engineering Content:

The customer is mainly engaged in the wholesale and sales of irrigation equipment with high-end product positioning. He has cooperated with Pango valve for more than ten times, and the most purchased product is the patented Pango valve soft seal butterfly valve with wide edge valve seat. The customer said that the wide edge butterfly valve of Pango valve has special design and good quality. It is very popular in the local market and sells well.

Due to the high demand, customers purchase hundreds or thousands of butterfly valves at a time and sell them through their own stores. Not only that, customers also sell their products online, where Pango valve's wide edge soft seal clamp butterfly valves are also very popular. This time, the customer ordered Pango valve's patented wide side seat soft seal butterfly valve.