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Pango Silicone Soft Joints and PTFE Lined Soft Joints are exported to Saudi Arabia
2024-01-31 13:31:56 Share:

Project name: A customer in Saudi Arabia purchased Pango Silicone Soft Joints and PTFE Lined Soft Joints 

Customer Name: A customer from Saudi Arabia

Buy Valve:Pango Silicone Soft Joints and PTFE Lined Soft Joints 


Customer requirements: construction of engineering projects


Engineering Content:

Customers from a country in Saudi Arabia, mainly undertake local engineering projects, and provide the required valve products and pipeline accessories for the construction of engineering projects. The customer has cooperated with Pango for four times. Many cooperation experiences, so that customers on Pango valve product quality is very assured. This is the fifth time for the customer to cooperate with Pango, the customer purchased Pango brand silicone soft joints and rubber lined soft joints products to supply its local customers' projects. At present, Pango silicone soft joint and fluorine lined soft joint have been delivered and put into use, without any problems.The customer said that with Pango valve cooperation so many times, Pango valve products have not had any problems, very assured and worry, will continue to cooperate with Pango valve in the future.