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Pango Valve soft seal gate valve products exported to Italy
2024-01-22 10:05:09 Share:

Project name:A European customer bidding project purchase Pango Valve soft seal gate valve 

Customer Name:A European customer

Buy Valve: Pango  Soft Seal Gate Valve 


Customer requirements: Municipal Projects


Engineering Content:

Customers from European countries, works in a professional company, often participate in local bidding projects, the winning rate is very high.

The customer has cooperated with Pango Valve for many years, and every time the product is required for a project, the customer contacts Pango Valve to purchase the required product from Pango Valve. Just a few months after the last cooperation, the customer won the bid again for a municipal project, requiring a batch of soft seal gate Valve products with high quality requirements. The customer immediately thought of Pango Valve, and after communicating with the business staff, he readily finalized the cooperation and purchased the soft seal gate valve products required from Pango Valve. Now that the products have reached the customers, they say that the quality of Pango Valve products is as good as ever, and look forward to more cooperation in the future!