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Pango Valve Wafer Butterfly Valves, Strainers and other products exported to Italy
2024-01-19 17:00:05 Share:

Project name: A customer in Europe purchased thousands of Butterfly Valves, Strainers, Rubber Joints and other products from Pango Valve

Customer Name: A customer from Europe

Buy Valve: Pango Butterfly Valves, Strainers, Rubber Joints and other products


Customer requirements: Store stock sales



Engineering Content:

A customer from Europe, mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of valves, there are many stores in the local. And the demand for valves is also very large, urgently need to find a high-quality valve supplier for its supply, seeking long-term cooperation.

Prior to this collaboration, the customer had placed twice orders with Pango Valve, the first for a few samples, and after the samples were accepted, the customer ordered more than 3,000 units of various products such as strainers, lug butterfly valves, and wafer butterfly valves in the second purchase. After receiving the product, the customer was very satisfied with Pango Valve's products and listed Pango Valve as a long-term partner.

This is the third cooperation between the two parties, and the customer directly sent a list of requirements to Pango Valve sales staff, including Y-strainers, butterfly check valves, butterfly valves,rubber soft joints and other products, a total of more than 4,000 units, and the two parties successfully reached a successful cooperation. So far, all the goods have been delivered to European customers, and the customers are very satisfied with Pango Valve's products and services, and they will continue to cooperate with Pango Valve in the future!