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Flange Adapter
Size Range: DN50
Pressure: PN16,250PSI
Body Material: QT450-10
Features: Water supply and drainage, water treatment, water conservancy projects, etc.
Product advantages

1. Each product has a standard abrasive tool. The grinding tool is CNC machined for high precision.

2. The spheroidization rate of each product can reach level 2 or above.

3. The spray material is sprayed with imported powder paint.

4. Each pipe fitting is tested on site.



Parameter Information:

1. Material of Main Parts:

Name1-Body2-Rubber gasket3-Gland4-Nut5-Bolt

2. Dimensions:

DN100 108-128100422576130
DN125 132-154125528076130
DN150 159-182150629576130
DN200 218-235200834076130
DN250 246-2702501041085130
DN250 271-2892501041085130
DN300 322-3403001248590130
DN400 417-4374001658090160
DN450 470-4854501864090160
DN450 480-5004501864090160
DN500 526-5465002071590160
DN600 630-6506002484090160

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