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The selection and application of eccentric butterfly valve

2022-09-13 16:28:58

The advantages of eccentric butterfly valve and other butterfly valves are very prominent, so it is widely used in all aspects of life and work to meet a variety of different requirements.And with the continuous development of eccentric seal butterfly valves’ technology, it is used more and more widely.


The application of double eccentric butterfly valve

Double eccentric seal butterfly valve adopts the design of eccentric structure, the valve is mainly composed of valve body, butterfly plate,valve seat,valve stem and transmission mechanism and other components.The valve seat is detachable structure, and can according to the different physical and chemical properties of medium to choose the corresponding corrosion resistance, light resistance, aging resistance materials, it can be widely used in water supply and drainage, sewage, building, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, paper making, water and electricity, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy systems and other fluid pipelines as the adjusting and closure devices to use.Double eccentric butterfly valve usually uses PTFE material as its sealing seat, it can also use metal sealing seat to expand its application in the field of high temperature. But the seal of the double eccentric butterfly valve with metal seal seat still belongs to the position seal structure, that is, the butterfly plate is in line contact with the sealing surface of the valve seat, so it is not resistant to high pressure,if applied in high pressure system, it will inevitably lead to a large amount of leakage,therefore, double eccentric butterfly valve with metal seal seat should be avoided as far as possible in high pressure or strict cutting system.

The application of triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve as the crystallization of the latest technology, it has been paid more and more attention by users and designers. It has a maximum pressure rating of 2500 pounds and a standard caliber of 48 inches,and the clip,lug,flange,ring joint, butt welding, jacket, all kinds of structure length can be corresponding, because of the large choices of materials,high and low temperature and all kinds of acid,alkali and other corrosive media can also correspond to freely. Especially in the aspect of large diameter,with its advantage of zero leakage,is constantly replacing the thick gate valve and ball valve in the shut-off valve.Similarly, with its excellent control function, it is constantly replacing the heavy globe valve in the control valve.Up to now, the triple eccentric butterfly valve has been used in various important pipelines such as process control in oil and gas exploitation, offshore platforms, petroleum refining, petrochemical, inorganic chemical, energy generation and other major industrial fields.

In practical engineering, if the working pressure of the system is not less than 1.0Mpa or in the important parts that need to be opened often, the triple eccentric butterfly valve can be selected.

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