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The characteristics of metal hard seal butterfly valve structure

2022-09-09 10:30:33

Metal hard seal butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, butterfly plate, valve shaft, valve body seal ring, butterfly plate seal ring, shaft sleeve, self-lubricating bearing, drive device and so on.The high performance metal hard seal butterfly valve drives the valve shaft to rotate through various driving devices, and drives the butterfly plate to rotate in the range of 90° through the pin shaft, so that the butterfly plate is in the open or closed state, so as to achieve the purpose of  connectivity, truncation or cutoff.It is widely used in metallurgy, hydropower, thermoelectricity, heat, urban water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation and other industries, in the pipeline system its applicable medium is gas, steam, air, water and so on. 

The characteristics of metal seal butterfly valve structure:

1.The unique design of three-way eccentricity makes there is no friction transmission between the sealing surface, extending the service life of the valve.

2.Elastic seal produced by torque.

3.The clever wedge-shaped design makes the valve have the automatic sealing function of closing tighter and tighter,and there is compensation and zero leakage between the sealing surfaces.

4.It is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate and easy to install.

5.Pneumatic and electric devices can be configured according to users’ requirements, and meet the needs of remote control and program control.

6.The material of replacement parts can be applied to all kinds of media, and can be lined with anti-corrosion (lining F46, GXPP, PO, etc.)

7.The sealing ring is made of stainless steel, which has the dual advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal. It has excellent sealing performance regardless of low temperature and high temperature.


The differences between metal hard seal butterfly valve and rubber seal butterfly valve:

The disadvantage of rubber seal butterfly valve is that when used for throttling, improper use will produce cavitation, so that the rubber seat peeling, damage and other situations occur.In order to this problem, metal sealed butterfly valves have now been invented internationally.Metal hard seal butterfly valve is eccentric metal seal structure,the seal form is metal to metal seal,it can replace the metal seal ring to metal seal, stainless steel plate and graphite composite plate seal ring to metal seal.The high performance elastic metal seal butterfly valve uses a double eccentric and a special oblique cone elliptical seal structure.This solves the disadvantage that the sealing surface is still in sliding contact friction when the traditional eccentric butterfly valve is opened and closed from 0° to 10°.The sealing surface is separated when the butterfly plate is opened, and sealed when the contact is closed. The purpose of prolonging the service life and the best sealing performance is achieved.

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