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DIN 3352 F5 Resilient Seated Flanged Gate Valve
Size Range: DN50-DN1200
Pressure: 10K
Body Material: DI
Seat Material: NBR/EPDM/PTFE
Disc Material: DI+NBR/EPDM/PTFE
Stem Material: 45#/2Cr13/ SS304/316
Features: Low torque operation
Rubber encapsulated wedge
Clockwise closing direction
Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside
Product advantages

1.The body is ductile iron,high level than national stanard.Tensile strength is 450Mpa,elongation is large than 10%,can not be broken easily when transport.

2. Both inner and out part is epoxy coating, the thickness is 250μm minimum,can prevent rust well,can be used in  sewage system. 

3.The wedge is coated with EPDM, the EPDM proportion can reach 50%,steable and good resilient.

4. 3 O rings are used on 2Cr13 stem,can reduce friction,prevent leakage,can change sealing ring with stop water.

5.The stem use brass, operate easily,prevent block.

6.Every link, from workblank to the finished product packaging will be inspected strickly.

7.Pango Product quality is covered by China Pacific Insurance with two million dollors. Bundor Valve, Two Years Warranty, Pay Two Back If One Bad. Any quality problems of the product itself, we will pay without conditions.



Parameter Information:


50 2''150165125102
65 2  1/2''170185145122
80 3''180200160138
100 4''190220180158
125 5''200250210188
150 6''210285240212
200 8''230340295268
250 10''250405355320
300 12''270460410378
350 14''290520470438
400 16''310580525490
450 18''330640585550
500 20''350715650610
600 24''390840770725
700 28''430910840795
800 32''4701025950900
900 36''510112510501000
1000 40''550125511701115
1200 48''630148513901330

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